Monday, November 28, 2011

How to Clean Ray Ban Sunglasses

   Ray-Ban is one of the most current and high quality brands for sunglasses. However, despite their proven qualities, the Ray Ban items also require a regular maintenance. If you take care of your glasses properly you will make them last longer. Furthermore, you will take care of your eyes health as well. It is a fact that a dirty or scratched glasses may cause serious eye problems.

In order to prevent that to happen cleaners Islington provide the following tips on how to maintain your Ray Ban sunglasses:
As a start take a careful look on the lenses of your glasses to estimate the level of pollution.
Next swill your Ray Bans well. Do this carefully in order to not cause damages on your glasses.
Then take a clean eye-glass cleaning cloth and wipe the lenses of your sunglasses with it, working in a side-to-side and let them to dry afterwards.
Then check your Ray Bans surface for any smudges.
Prepare a cleaner of warm water mixed with a drop or two of mild dish soap. Stir well.
Submerge the glasses in the solution. Wipe its entire surface with a cleaning cloth, starting with the smudges on the lenses. Fold the frames closed, cleaning the hinges.
Once again check the hinges and nose pieces for any grimy remaining. If you estimate that is needed, unscrew the hinges and nose pieces with a repair kit, clean, and fit the parts together once you are done.
Swill the sunglasses with clean water. Go over the entire surface with a clean, dry cleaning cloth, starting with the lenses. Then just leave them to dry.
If you notice any spots or fingerprints traces, just buff your Ray Bans with a soft clean cloth.
Cleaners Islington great cleaning results!


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