Monday, November 14, 2011

How to Clean a Toilet

One of the most disgusting chores. Toilet is actually the most clean room in the house. This is because it is cleaned with the most destructive chemicals you have. It is necessary to do so, because lots of bacteria gather there. It has to be cleaned frequently and thoroughly. But it is not as difficult as it seems. Here is the “how”.

You are using extremely potent chemicals so wear protection – rubber gloves and glasses.
Cleaners Victoria park shed some light on the how exactly the process goes on. First – you remove all the removable items from the toilet. I use to keep most of the cleaning chemicals there, so you take them out, the brush, the paper towels, everything.

The brush is soaked in a bucket with some water and cleaning solution, a strong detergent like Domestos will be perfect. Soak it in, along with the small bucket that contains the brush and leave it there.
After that flush the toilet and sprinkle around inside (and if you wish outside) with the detergent. Let it soak for a few minutes. Take a sponge, a new one – you probably will sacrifice it so it can be a cheap one, and scrub the toilet from the outside. Don't be disgusted to reach inside the toilet and scrub it from within as well. If you are - use the brush. I prefer to do it by hand – seems to be more thorough.

When done, flush and rinse from outside with clean water. You can fill a bucket with it and just flush it all over the toilet. Notice that you've got to have a drain in the toilet room. If you don't you will have to clear the water from the floor by hand, with a mop.

I have the toilet in the same room as my bathroom and use shower for rinsing, it is really simple.
Another thing that cleaners Victoria park recommend is to scrub the toilet with dish washing detergent, a dry one, like powder. This is to be used on harder stains. It is applied with a sponge or a cloth and rinsed the same way.

It is a good idea to clean all the cleaning solution bottles as well. Every item that can be cleaned may be soaked in the bucket with cleaning solution for the duration of the scrubbing which is about 5 to 10 minutes.

Once done with the cleaning, mop up the floor and return the items to where they were. Don't forget to put a new paper towel roll if the old one is finished.

Enjoy !


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