Thursday, July 7, 2011

How to Clean Silk

Washing sensitive fabrics is not as easy as to put the garment in the washing machine. There are some fabrics, requiring special cares and attention. Therefore, you have to read the labels of your clothes before washing, in order to not make some irreparable mistake, you will regret later.

Most of the professional cleaners in London often give their clients advices how to take care of different sensitive fabrics. Silk is a gorgeous soft fabric created from fibres of silkworms. This textile is often used in the fashion world, because of its fine look and beauty. So, if something happens with your favourite silk dress, you have to know how to react fast in order to not ruin it. So, here are some tips, which can help you to keep your silk items clean.

1. Make sure that the garment is washable. To know this, you have to check the label. If it is not allowed to wash it in your washing machine, you have to use some dry cleaning method. However, if the garment is washable, you have to wash it gently, by hand, with a special detergent.

2. Rinse coloured silk with a solution made of 1 ½ tablespoons strong acetic acid in 2 litres water. Then dry the item, without rinsing with water. 

3. Professional cleaners London advise to NOT EVER soak silk fabric in some type of biological agent of bleach. Another thing, which you DO NOT have to do is to rub silk, when the item is still wet.


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