Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How to Clean Your House in a Day?

If you always avoid the cleaning chores, when you do finally get around to it, you may start wondering from where to begin and how long it will take. To cleaning the entire house in one fell swoop usually is very time-consuming, but once it's done, you can relax for the week. Prepare an attack plan, group your tasks and roll up your sleeves. Yes,it's absolutely possible to clean your entire house in one day.
Lear how to do it by following cleaners Fulham tips on the subject:
As a start make a checklist and plan of attack so you don't forget anything. Sort your activities by priority and follow through for quickest results. You will be surprised how much time-savings and easier is to work with a plan.
Put on your gloves. Prepare your cleaning supplies, paper towels, sponges and rags. Keep them in a central place so you can what you need quickly.
To actually begin the cleaning process remove all the linens from all beds. Remove towels and washcloths from the bathrooms. Put them into the washing machine. By the time you're finished cleaning the house, the linens will be cleaned and dry and ready to put back on the bed and replaced in the bathroom.
Get rid of any clutter first so you'll be unencumbered when you clean. Hang your clothes, put your shoes in the closet, replace books on the bookshelves or put away toys.
Pour toilet bowl cleaner in the toilets and sprinkle cleanser in all the sinks. Allow it to sit and work while you get on with other tasks.
Then vacuum rugs or sweep hardwood floors with a broom. Go from room to room and don't stop to do anything else. Mop the floors. Use a multipurpose cleaner that is suitable for both tile, hardwood and linoleum.
Quickly spot-dust the furniture, mantel, wide-screen TV or brick-a-brac with a duster.
Take care of your kitchen counters and stove. Wipe down refrigerator front and other appliances quickly. Load the dishwasher and let it run through its usual cycle.
Go back to the bathroom and clean the toilets and sinks. Wipe down mirrors and put away any toiletries. Clean the bathtub and wipe down the shower. Hang the towels and put away the washcloths.
Put the clean sheets back on the beds.
Clean your windows. Work with a household window cleaner. Cleaners Ealing suggest you to wipe with a lint-free cloth or newsprint for better results.


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