Monday, July 11, 2011

Places Where Microbes Hide

The places where the environment is perfect for the development of microbes will always exist no matter how much you clean your place. On the other hand, sometimes just hand-cleaning and vacuuming does not work it. Some microbes continue living on under your roof and you just do not know how to get rid of them because you can’t see and find them. So, I asked a professional cleaner Bromley for some advices and here is what he said.
Microbes love dark and damp places. Usually such places are out of our sight and that is why they continue to evolve causing serious damages. One of the “hidden” places which germs love are the toothbrushes. It is not dangerous for your home but for your health. Keep your toothbrushes away from the toilet bowl as it may pollute them. Do not put wet brushes into cases because this will create the perfect environment for microbes to evolve. Change your toothbrush every 3 months and do not forget to disinfect the used one regularly. The washing machine is the next one. Try not to mix the underwear with towels when using the washing machine. It is better to wash the underwear on hand. Do not keep the laundry wet for long time as the germs may evolve quickly. Wash your laundry on high temperatures and add some bleach if it is white to kill most of the microbes. The bathroom curtain is also in the favourite list of the germs and fungi. That is why you need to wipe them dry after taking a bath and clean and disinfect them with vinegar. Trash bin. Usually it does n’\ot have any contact with food but still the trash bin may turn into the perfect home for germs and bacteria. Use special trash bags to reduce the contact between the rubbish and the accessory. Clean the bin inside and outside once a week with a brush and disinfecting detergent. The inside of a diswashing machine may turn into the perfect environment for mould growth. Clean and disinfect the inside surfaces of the machine regularly and do not forget to wipe it dry after every use. This will reduce the risks of mould and mildew growth. Islington cleaners recommend the regular house cleaning and disinfecting in order to prevent future health issues. Making a cleaning schedule will help you to clean faster and easier.


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