Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How to Clean With Vodka

Using different household products, as substitutes for commercial cleaners, in simple home cleaning tasks has become a practise. You heard about cleaning different stuff with the use of lemon juice,
baking soda, for instance. Cleaning services Melbourne has got, are also a good option. Another remedy used for different, light cleaning tasks is vodka. Well, I have to admit that it's better to use it for cleaning cheap stuff only or objects you don't care much about or at all. But truly, vodka works great as a substitute of a lot of toxic cleaners.
For example, you could use vodka during the laundry process, high-proof alcohol has solvent effect on different type of stains, such as vomit or grass. Before you put the garment in the washing machine, blot up the stain with cloth dampened in vodka. Another good use of vodka is making a mixture from one part vodka and five parts water, that combined in a spray bottle make the perfect freshener for your clothes, for instance. The very same mixture works great against bad cigarette smell. In the bathroom vodka could be used for cleaning both glass and chrome, it also removes soap build up and scum from fixtures and ceramic tiles. You just need to make the mixture. Not to mention that it removes mildew instantly. You can even clean your jewellery with vodka, with the exception of any pearls and opals.

As you can see, vodka has any appliances I’m pretty sure you never thought of. In case you don't want to waste that precious liquid for cleaning, you could use professional cleaning services, such as end of lease cleaning Melbourne city area has got.


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