Friday, August 19, 2011

Padded Toilet Seat Cleaning

Padded toilet seats are very comfortable, much more than the regular ones. Their design is different and they need different kind of care. Cleaning them is easy, as long as you know how to that in the right way. Here is some advice you should take.

First of all, take a good care of the seat regularly. If you want it to be always clean, you can use wipes daily. They are surely available in the near store. Wipe your padded seat as frequently as you like. But you also need to do some major cleaning at least once in a week.

Get some disinfectant, no matter of its brand. But it needs to be effective. The disinfectant will clean the toilet and kill all germs. Spray it to the seat, making sure that every single part of it is sprayed.

Then, leave the disinfectant to stay on the seat for 15 minutes. That will ensure no germs will be left after the cleaning. After that, clean the disinfectant with a rag.

Then, you need to wash the seat with water. That will remove any residues of the disinfectant, which could irritate your skin.

Padded toilet seats need to be cleaned regularly, because they tend to get germs very easy. It is possible that you are busy and you don't have enough time for cleaning. That is why you can make a search for some professional cleaning companies.


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