Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Ugly Side of the Make Up

How many times have you had to hurry for date and in the last minutes you obtain a stain? Oh, I hate these moments, really! And the worst thing is that I don't know which is the proper cleaning solution that I have to apply.

That's why I consulted with home cleaning Sydney and they gave me great cleaning tips. And I'm a good person and I will share them with you.
I will start with the different surfaces, where you can have stains.

Hard surfaces:
If the stain is wet(liquid foundation), you have to blot it with a clean cloth. After that use warm water and some soap to wash the problematic area. In the end, wipe with dry cloth and absorb the moister.

Gently blot the stain with a clean cloth. Now, you can rinse with a liquid detergent  and warm water. If the spot is too stubborn, home cleaning Sydney advise to use washing soda. It is very good natural cleaner. And it is very important to dry the carpet, otherwise it will get more polluted.

Use a good spot removal. And scrub the stain, until it's gone. It is good to use cold water for rinsing. At least you can laundry as usual.

When you make up, try to be careful, and it won't be necessary to call vacate cleaning Sydney. They are good cleaners, but why to waste money for nothing.


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