Monday, August 15, 2011

Why we have to pay for cleaning the mess after London riots?

Riots all over the country are continuing for three days. There are burning cars and buildings. These actions have to stop as soon as possible.

For the last ten years these are the biggest riots in London. Youths are damaging even police vehicles, without fear. The shooting death of Mark Duggan became the the most commented news for the latest events happened all over the country. Obviously they kept their feelings inside for a long time and they finally decided to show what they feel after the latest event happened in Tottenham.
The response from prime minister David Cameron is “a fight back is under way”. He promised that more than 16 000 police officers are ready to stand against the rioters and everyone keeps in faith that this will end soon. The managers of shops, pubs and other businesses are closing early and boarding their windows with hope, that this will help to prevent looting.
But after all, the spread of the crisis is getting larger and seems like it willnever end. Many people are promulgating the idea for continuing the protest with hope that something will change. “These people have nothing to protest against — there is no sense of injustice or any spark that has led to this,” Assistant Chief Constable Gary Shewan said. They are already gone far away by injuring 26 officers after bombarding them with bottles and missiles. They are not just bad people, but also destroying the infrastructure of the cities. There are many peaceful ways to express your opinion and to attract attention.

I cannot see the reason why we have to pay for professional cleaning services to clean up the mess after protests. The authorities can already use more than one hundred arrested vandals to put back, so they can start cleaning up the streets of our capital, because actually they are responsible for this mess. I am ready to go out on the street and start to clean by myself. I want to see these streets fantastic clean as they used to be.


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