Wednesday, September 7, 2011

How to Remove Carpet Soot Stains?

    A fireplace can give really cozy feeling to a home. Unfortunately, the soot that come from there can make an unsightly stain, especially if the mess lands on light-colored carpeting. Considering the powdery nature of soot, stains of this sort can spread easily, so cleaning as soon as you find soot on your carpet is recommended. It may be a good to clean in more natural manner with water for example, but to clean stains off of your carpet only with that is not the best method. Carpet cleaning sw6 experts explain that water may actually cause the soot stain to spread and permeate deeper into the pile of your rug. How should you act then?
Learn what is the best option to achieve good cleaning results from professional carpet cleaning London:
The cleaning tools you will work with are baking soda, vacuum cleaner, dry cleaning fluid and clean cloths.
Sprinkle the soot stain liberally with baking powder and allow it to sit for about an hour. In case you do not have baking powder, you can also use cornstarch as good alternative. Carpet cleaning Ealing personnel explains that the powdery substance absorbs the soot that is not ground into the carpeting.
Vacuum the baking soda-covered sooty area. Use the hose attachment of your vacuum cleaner instead of a brush to avoid spreading the mixture to other areas of the carpet.
Moisten a clean, soft cloth with a dry cleaning fluid. You can purchase such solvent can be found in cleaning sections of superstores as well as your local home improvement warehouse. According to carpet cleaning sw6 it will be better to use a white or beige cloth instead of a colored rag to avoid color bleeding.
Dab or blot the soot stain with the cloth. Refrain from rubbing or heavy scrubbing, as these motions may drive the soot deeper into your carpet.
Rinse your cloth, squeeze out excess water and apply more dry cleaning fluid if needed.
Carpet cleaning sw6 along with professional cleaning cleaning services personnel wish you good cleaning results!


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