Friday, September 16, 2011

How to Say Goodbye to Crayon Stains on Walls

I am sure that you do not feel very enthusiastic about the idea of cleaning your walls soon, especially if you are the one, who has to deal with this assignment. Unfortunately, in this case, you cannot do anything else, but to face your wall cleaning duties. And the best way to do this is as you prepare, in advance, all the tools and materials, required for the purpose. However, having good equipment is not enough to get the best possible results, but  to know, which cleaning methods and techniques you need to use, too.

There are many ways to clean a wall. However, not all of them are effective enough to satisfy your cleaning standards. For instance, if your children have decided to use the wall as a canvas and they used crayons to express their artistic talent, do you know how to erase their masterpiece? Well, London cleaners will give you the answer of this question in the following lines: 

1. Apply a little bit shaving cream to the stains then rub gently and wipe off.

2. Turpentine is also an option to fight crayon marks on walls. Just apply some on a cloth, dampened with water and scrub into the crayon mark to remove it.

3. Soak a piece of a cloth in household ammonia and scrub the marks with it. To attack the problematic area, you also can make your home-made cleaning solution of water and ammonia.

4. Another way to clean crayon stains is to soak an old toothbrush in white vinegar. Then, use it to scrub marks off.

5. You can also take a hair dryer to the spot then, allow it to heat the wax. Cleaners in London advise to use a hot, soapy water to remove the crayon.


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