Friday, October 14, 2011

10 Dirtiest Things You Touch In Your Day To Day Routine

Money is by far the dirtiest thing you touch on a frequent base. Everybody touches money, homeless beggars, filthy kids, janitors, labourers and many more. It has been in the hands of everyone for sometimes decades and it never gets cleaned neither disinfected. Money is the perfect vehicle for bacteria to circulate. Some studies have shown results concluding to an average of 125,000 bacteria living on your average dollar bill. So if you are too lazy to clean your hands every time after you touch money then you should wear rubber gloves before you go out shopping.

Light switch are the second common place to find bacteria. Everyone touches light switches in the house after going to the toilet, after touching money, after touching you dog, etc… And in public areas there are about 200 bacteria per square inch living on the plastic of the light switch. Some places would have hundreds of thousands of fingers touching them every year. It is advised to frequently clean and disinfect every light switch in your home.

Your computer keyboard is the next one on the list. Most of us are touching it every day. We touch it after touching a light switch and we touch it after touching money. You can find sprayers that disinfect keyboards without damaging its electronic circuits.

Your cell phone, is the next one on the list, like the keyboard, you touch everything and then you touch your cell phone. When you speak on the phone, germs from your mouth go on it. Tens of thousands of germs live on your phone on a constant base. It is recommended do disinfect your phone on regular base in order to avoid any illness and infections.

Toilet seats, surprisingly not on the top of the list as it could be. But unlike money, light switches, keyboards and cell phones, most people do clean and disinfect. It is still averaging 300 bacteria per square inch and it is touching the porcelain toilet bowl which has about 3 million bacteria.

After the toilet seat, the sixth dirtiest thing on list is the shopping cart handle. Like money and light switches, everyone touches the shopping cart handle. It is the next thing you touch after money. It has more bacteria than public phones and public bathrooms.

Your remote control is the next one on the list. A bit like your phone and you keyboard, you touch it after touching so many things and it is something that is never clean and disinfected. Not counting the popcorn and movie nights and other pizza and sports nights, your remote control is exposed to food bacteria.

Bath tubs are the shelter of many toxic bacteria. That is where we clean ourselves but it is also a danger to our health. It is often the cause of many skin illnesses. Bathtubs are threatening us on a daily base with staph infections, pneumonias, septicaemia and other urinary tract infections. For your health, bathtubs must be disinfected on a regular basis.

The ninth one on the list is your kitchen sink. The kitchen sink drain has about half million bacteria per square inch and is the primary place bacteria to develop and carry onto the sink. You should avoid this by disinfecting your kitchen sink a regular base. A simple and eco-friendly way to do so is to pour a couple soup spoons of baking soda and some vinegar in the drain, let it sit for a while then flush it down with hot boiling water.

The tenth one and last one on the list is the sponge. As surprising as it sounds, the same sponge that you are using to clean your plates and cutlery is full of germs. The spongy part is perfect for keeping the bacteria and moisture accelerates its growth. It is hard to disinfect with any solvents but all you have to do is to put it in the microwave for half a minute. It will kill the bacteria without ruining your sponge.

It isn’t just for the sparkling results that people should hire cleaners in general. It is actually a matter of health to sanitise your home. Next time your hire cleaning companies make sure they are disinfecting those dirty areas. Make sure they disinfect all the light switches.


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