Friday, December 16, 2011

How to Clean Silver Cutlery

Cleaning silver cutlery is something that you should learn doing in the right way to preserve its sparkle. There are many easy ways to maintain your silver forks and spoons, but also there are things that you should never do for this cleaning process such as the use of any abrasive cleaners and sponges.

If you are curious how to keep your metal cutlery clean and shiny, our cleaners London will be happy to give you some of their useful cleaning tips. Using them you will be able to maintain your silver cutlery in the best possible way.

1. If you often use your silver cutlery, then you should clean it with olive oil at least once a month to preserve the shine of the silver surface.

2. Another thing that you need to do is to store your silver cutlery in the right way. It would be good to wrap your metal knives, spoons and forks in muslin cloths then store in a place where they will not be in touch with any other metal objects. 

3. Every time after washing you should leave your silverware air-dry. Then use a clean, soft cloth to polish the silver surface. 

4. To get rid of stubborn hard water marks on your silverware, just soak the cutlery in a bow filled with white vinegar and let it sit overnight. In the morning, cleaners in London advise to rinse the silverware well with clean water. Then wash it with some dish-washing detergent to complete remove the vinegar from the surface. 


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