Friday, December 2, 2011

Tips on Removing Rust from Golf Clubs

Do you have hobbies? After long work week there is nothing I would do than just relax and do something that I like. So I picked up a hobby. It turns out that, you can be anything that you set your mind to. Just you have keep practising.

The hobby that I picked up is golf. One day I watched a commercial about professional cleaners Northwood Hills and I switched the channel. I stumbled upon a golf match and at first I was thinking to change the channel but then it got interesting and I continued to watch. Later I bought some golf clubs and started playing.

At first I wasn't good but then I started to pay attention to the details and started to read some books.
I found out a lot of new techniques but eventually my clubs started to rust and that greatly had a effect on my performance. But then I got some advice from the same professional cleaners Northwood Hills from the commercial and they helped me greatly.

Here is what they advise on rust removal:

  1. Start by removing the dirt and grass from the play. Usually the mud that stays on the clubs causes the rust to appear on them. You can use and old brush or a old rag.
  2. Make sure that you dry off your clubs after every game.
  3. When dealing with rust you can apply the method with the steel wool. But when applying the steel wool on the surface careful not to scratch the surface of the clubs.
  4. To remove the rust stain forever you can use an acidic cleaning detergent or simply use your house hold white vinegar.
  5. And always dry them off to prevent rust from appearing on them again


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