Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How to Clean a Jacuzzi Tub

What is the thing most of the people miss a lot? What is the thing they value a lot? Their spare time or in particular the moment when they can actually recharge from the accumulated stress.

Now think about one of the best way to reload for less time and in a really nice way. What is the first thing that comes up to your mind? The SPA centers of course. You can find really relaxing procedures at that places , including the Jacuzzis bath. There is a huge industry with focus especially on the jacuzzi development. Any people invest in such items. If you are one of them, you will certainly know that such purchase require also special maintenance.

In order to facilitate you in handling such chore cleaners Highgate provide the following tips on how to properly maintain your jacuzzi:

To begin you have to prepare your cleaning agents. In this case you will only need a dishwasher detergent and commercial bleach. Once you store there items out you may stat the actual treatment.

First, fill the Jacuzzi with water until all jet openings are under water.

Add 1/2 cup bleach into the water along with two dishwasher detergent tablets or 4 tbsp. dishwasher detergent.

Then turn on the Jacuzzi jets. Allow them to run for 20 minutes.
After that drain the Jacuzzi out and refill with plain water. According to cleaners Highgate it will be good to run the jets for an extra 15 minutes as well.
Good luck!


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