Tuesday, January 3, 2012

How to Keep Laminate Floors Looking New

Laminate flooring is a very popular choice because it is much easier to keep it clean than hard wood floors. They are quite stain and scratch resistant. However there are some things that might damage them. Here is what to do so that your floor looks new and scratch-free for longer:

  • For a routine cleaning, cleaners East Finchley recommend you use a simple floor cleaner made with household products. Just mix half a bucket of warm water and some vinegar. Do not use any soapy, commercial, floor cleaners, because they will leave a dull soapy residue. 
  • For any tough stains that can not be removed with the water and vinegar mixture, use windows cleaner. Spray some on the stain and then wipe it of with a clean cloth. However, do not use any cleaner that contains ammonia, because it can harm the protective layer. 
  • If water or any other spills occur, clean them right away, because they will harm the wood.
  • You do not need to apply wood waxing on the laminate floors. It is even recommended that you don't because it might result in a dull build up.
  • Avoid wearing any high heels on wood floors, because you will scratch them. Actually, it is better to wear no shoes. Use slippers or go barefoot.  
  • For a good maintenance, cleaners East Finchley, recommend you keep a broom or a mop in the room, so that you can daily clean the floor. 
  • Always put furniture pads on the bottoms and legs of furniture so that you do not scratch the floor. And make sure you never drag furniture across the wooden floor.


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