Thursday, March 1, 2012

How to Maintain Your Iron

The iron is an appliance that is inevitable part of every household. Despite its main application- to remove the pleats on your clothes, making them look more tidy, iron is used for a lot other stuff. You can use it as a helper when removing a stubborn staining or even as a hair dress tool when you want to uncurl your hair. Considering its frequent use , it is really important to properly and most of all regularly care for your item in order to make it last longer. Furthermore, by taking good care of your iron, you care about your clothes too as dirt and dust from the iron can transfer to clothing if not properly removed.

Being aware of that cleaners Dalston provide the following tips on how to maintain your iron:

To begin, unplug the iron. Place it aside and wait until it has cooled down completely. You can easily determine if the iron is ready for cleaning if you spray a small amount of water close to it or just touch it quickly with your finger.

When the iron is ready for the treatment put a cotton cloth under cool, running water. Then squeeze out the excess liquid.

Give the sole plate a good wipe to remove any residue left behind by starch. In case you want to achieve better results, try to fulfill this step while the sole plate is still warm.

As a final effort wipe down the outside of the iron with the dampened cloth to remove dirt, dust and residue.

Cleaners Dalston wish you great cleaning results!


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