Monday, October 22, 2012

Dust Problems | Cleaning Tips

Most of the companies these days do their best to find the perfect balance between quality of their products, innovations and profits.
This means that some of them try to reach levels of planning and engineering which were never reached before. Everything must be so precise and so correctly chosen that most clients to find the product satisfying. This however, is nothing but extremely hard, especially when we consider the number of people which needs the products must satisfy. Therefore, companies like McLaren, improve every detail on their cars, their services, their delivery services, their marketing. All of these must make the whole selling machine to work better and to sell more. However, the product itself appears to be the most important thing so they invest most in their cars, which eventually made the factory of McLaren of the most advanced in the world. SO, today we will see inside the factory and more specifically, in the way this factory remains so clean and quite.    

Dust problems in the factory   

  • This is one of the things that the company had to think about. The dust is a big problem in places like this because of several different reasons:
  • It can damage the electronics
  • It may lead to later problems if it reaches the engine or other important parts of the car
  • It has effect on the people who work – if they become used to dirt and dust this may make them less precise so it motivates the people.

Solutions to the dust problem   

  1. One of the things that the management did in order for the dust to disappear was the slightly higher air pressure inside the factory. The effect of this is that when the doors are being opened and closed no dust can come in
  2. The employees must take their shoes and clothes off when they come to work. They have special clothes and shoes specially for the inside of the factory
  3. The cleaning procedures are another way for the company to deal with the dirt. Most of the work is being done by professional company for cleaning services who come here very often and perform special cleaning procedure which was considered and approved by the management of the company.
  4. Very important thing, which the management had to think about were the new projects which must stay unseen till the last moment, so the outsourcing cleaning companies had to be very trustworthy.
  5. The solutions which the cleaners use must be eco-friendly because of the understanding of McLaren that the modern technologies can exist with the nature without damaging it in any way.

So, with all that cleaning and special procedures, McLaren guarantee to the local authorities and their clients that the cars made in the factory are the best in any possible way.


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