Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Some Cleaning Chores Are Not Appropriate for Pregnant Women

Pregnant women are something very beautiful in my opinion. They carry new lives in their wombs and will give birth to them, and that is something very beautiful, too. The thing is, though, that pregnant women have to be very careful when dealing with the domestic chores and more specifically with the housecleaning ones.

There are a lot of things, such as jumping and hard labour, which expecting women don't have to do. They mustn't also use aromatic toilet paper, aromatic handkerchiefs, nor detergents which contain chemicals and toxic ingredients. If you wonder why, this is a prevention of future allergies which the baby might develop. This means that there are a lot of housecleaning chores which they must not deal with.

Bathroom Cleaning

Not only that this chore is dangerous, because of the strong disinfectants that are used in it, but if the woman is far gone in pregnancy, she won't be able to bend, so to clean corners and difficult places. The bathroom cleaning must be done either by the husband or by a maid.

Oven Cleaning

The situation here is the same as with the bathroom cleaning – strong chemical-based detergents which have to be avoided, and an impossibility for bending, so to reach stains which are deep into the appliance.

Window Cleaning

The detergents used for this chore are not that dangerous, as they don't contain such strong chemicals as the ones for bathroom cleaning, for example, but the very chore is dangerous for expecting women. To clean a window well, you usually have to climb on a ladder or on a chair to reach the top areas, which is not recommendatory at all when you are carrying a new life in your womb. Hire a professional tenancy cleaning London company to do the job for you or ask your husband to do it, just don't deal with it on your own.

Carpet Cleaning

There is one part of this chore which you are allowed to do when you're pregnant and that is the vacuuming part. You won't be able to do a thorough carpet cleaning, though, because your tummy won't let you to.


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