Monday, December 17, 2012

Different Types Of Carpets

If you're thinking of buying a new carpet there a many things you should take in mind. If you know exactly what you're looking for there is a huge range of rugs, designed to fulfill your every demand. There are different types of paddings, fabric, weaving techniques, colour and shape you can choose from. There are even Eco-friendly and hand made ones. Each type has unique qualities, different durability and stain resistance. You can find special protecting products, like UV protection sprays.

Most Commonly Used Materials For Carpet

The first thing you should be looking at is the material of the carpet. There are different types of fiber and choosing the right one is a tricky task. I'll give you a list with some of the most common used materials and a brief description for each one.
  1. Wool. I'm sure you know what wool is, so no history or vocabulary lessons are needed. What you need to know is that wool is valuable and very expensive. A hand woven carpet is worth a fortune. There are many types of weaving methods and each has it's own beauty. Sometimes wool is blended with synthetic or other natural fibers. If you want to keep your feet warm during the winter season wool carpet is your best choice.
    You don't have to worry about allergies, because wool is a natural fiber, therefore it's hypoallergenic. Moreover it absorbs heat, moisture and sound. So it is not a good idea to put one in front of the bathroom, basement or the laundry room. Unlike synthetic fibers, wool is natural, so you can't get shocked from static electricity. It is the perfect place for your children to play. Twice a week vacuuming is in order as well as professional cleaning once every two months, because wool absorbs dirt.

  2. Bamboo. If you don't know bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world, providing wood material. It is used in culinary and medicine. Musical instruments are made from it as well as textiles. The opportunities are endless just like the plant itself. It has become preferred material for manufacturing carpets, because it is easy to maintain and you feel connected with nature. There are two colours you can choose from honey-brown and light tan.
    The best thing is those two shades match almost all interiors. If you're nature lover this is the perfect carpet for you. Being natural makes it hypoallergenic and also traps dust and grime. Bamboo is highly resistant to water, which makes mold growth impossible. People mainly use it in bathrooms and kitchen, but it is very good for a living room, because it is natural wood. Due to it's durability it is the perfect carpet for high traffic areas. Daily sweeping or vacuuming is all the bamboo carpet needs.
Well that's it for now. Remember that no matter what material your carpet is made from, it needs professional attention from time to time. The right cleaning technician is as important as choosing the right carpet. Here is my choice for carpet cleaning company. I'll continue describing the most common materials for carpet manufacturing in the next post.


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