Friday, March 8, 2013

Clean Those Pillows - Tips and Tricks

Most people wash their sheets every week, leaving the pillows aside. Pillows need to be cleaned once or twice a year. Washing the pillows is not a hard thing to do, but people tend to forget about it. They grab the pillow cases and sheets, put them in the washing machine and the pillows remain forgotten. If you haven't cleaned your pillows in a while, you should check these tips and tricks and consider refreshing them for a fresh start of the new week.

Dirty pillows don't only look and smell bad, but they can pose health risks, too. Researches have shown that bacteria and bugs can grow and live in uncleaned warm places like your pillows. Don't let this happen! 

If all the cleaning seem too much for you, you have no time and you want to spend it somewhere else relaxing, you should consider booking a cleaning service from a professional cleaning companyCompanies like Cleaners Melbourne can do miracles not only with your upholstery and mattresses, but they can remove the junk from your yard, clean your whole house and booking more than one service at a time can save you money, too. But if you want know how to clean by yourself, follow the tips bellow.
Some pillows can be washed in the washing machine like your sheets and your pillow cases. Check the care label on your pillows to figure out what your pillows are made of and how it's best to clean them. If you can wash them in the washing machine you'll have no problem. Get the pillows in the washing machine, add some mild detergent and run them trough rinse cycle twice. Make sure they are completely dry. Dampness  can be the cause of growing mold and stale smell.
Remove stains from the pillows only by using non-toxic detergents. Otherwise, you may breathe in foams from the toxic cleaning solution that are not good for your health. Cleaners Melbourne recommend that you use natural products to remove the stains. Baking soda can be a huge helper. Mix some baking soda with a bit of warm water to make a paste and apply the paste on the stains. Leave it to do its work and brush it off with a clean cloth. Baking soda is also a good deodorizer, but if your pillows still smell bad, you can use an absolutely natural solution of lemon juice mixed with water to reduce the odor. Sprinkle some of the lemon-based solution on the pillows, leave to soak and wash the pillows as usual.


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