Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How to Make Getting Ready For School Easier

Young kids aren’t too good with time management, and they’re not supposed to, they’re just too young so mum and dad should look for ways to optimize and streamline the getting ready for school routine, every morning. Streamlining the morning get to school routine will make life easier for everyone, especially overworked parents which have to juggle between the kids and work. Making it work will require some advanced planning, so take the time to figure out which tasks take the most time and which tasks are struggles for kid.

Most of the time, breakfasting is time consuming and more of a game rather than a task to be accomplished, figure out a way to make the kid eat properly and timely. Obviously, fixing breakfast quickly is up to the parents. Many parents have advised that playing the restaurant game has worked for them, but your child might be different, so experiment. 

Next up is the abundant array of items and accessories your child wants to take to school and just one of those missing means disaster at the front door. Instead of making a fuss about it on the way out, make a landing pad so to say, or a place in the hallway where the kids can leave their stuff from the day before, whether it’s sports gear, toys or other things. This way everyone knows where their stuff is and there will be no additional time wasting in searching for cricket balls, action figurines and what not. 

The same applies to clothing and dressing gear – it takes a great amount of time to find the necessary clothes, put them on, etc. so have them selected and allocated the day before. If during this process you realize the child needs new clothes, consider Lego wear UK, as one of the better manufacturers. Lego wear UK have accessories, as well as clothing so you can choose from a wide range of items, suitable for boys and girls. You can try to teach the kid to choose its own clothes, as long as you have superior control over their choice.


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