Friday, June 21, 2013

Design Your Dream Kitchen

You just can't stand even the mere thought of being ordinary... You want everything you come in contact with to bare the marks of your presence... But most of all, you love cooking! If that is the case with your, there is only one solution to your problem – you have to design your dream kitchen – an unique place where functionality meets fantasy and the frontier between reality and magic gets blurred.

What Do You Begin With When Creating The Kitchen of Your Dreams?

You are all set to dazzle everyone with your outstanding taste in both food and interior design but you feel a bit confused as to what to take on first. Don't worry! It all starts with a vision... if you already know how you want it to look, then you are a lucky person. In case, you still don;t have a clear idea, you have to look for inspiration.
Remember starting a project without a theme and a clear idea how the end result should look like. A unanimous theme that coordinates all the aspects of the decoration of a room can give you immense advantage. The great about inspiration is that you can find it in literally anything in an intricate piece of art, in the tiles of the kitchen floor, even in your beloved oven...

Colour, Colour, Colour

As usual, the colour palette you use can make or break your kitchen d├ęcor. Depending on the style and the theme of the place, you can go with either a splash of bold colour or elegant timeless, less flashy but nonetheless beautiful shades and hues. Offset your favourite accessory or kitchen feature by making it the focal point. How to distinguish it? It's easy let its colours shine surrounded by more neutral complementary shades and hues.

Diversify the Wall Material

No one said that paint on a concrete wall is the one and only way to go. On the contrary, you can make an unique surrounding by incorporating extraordinary materials on your walls. Tiles, for instance, make for intricate wall material. Not only are wall tiles easy to clean and maintain but they can also jazz up the space with an extravagant appeal. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you will have to book tile and grout cleaning within Melbourne once or twice a year. Other equally appealing options are textured wallpapers, bricks and stone.

Don't Forget About The Storage Space

While your dream kitchen simply must look amazing, you shouldn't forget that its main purpose is functionality. To make it the perfect spot for any chef to feel comfortable in, you need to figure out how to insert as much storage space as possible. The great news is you have a universe full of choices. You an go with built-in cabinetry, open shelving (it will optically expand the room), baskets for the utensils and etc.


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