Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Carpet Cleaning for Asthmatics

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The most common health issue of today are the allergies. More and more people suffer from that and the exact reasons for that are still not clear. What is clear though is that the way of life is completely different from the one in the past and this a key factor in the response of our bodies and therefore the wide spread of allergies. Dealing fully with them may not be possible at the moment but softening their most severe aspects is. The cleaning inside the house is what all parents and ill people should focus on most when talking about lowering the effect of allergies and more specifically asthma caused by dust allergy.

How to clean the carpet for asthmatics?
First and foremost we need to know what the dust in our homes contains in order to deal with it. Over 80% of the home dust is actually small pieces of dead skin. Our skin is constantly changing and for several months we have completely new skin. This is a normal regenerating process which is in progress in our bodies but the dead skin goes in our homes and causes asthma.

How to deal with dust particles?

  • Vacuum cleaning is the first and obvious solution. It works great most of the time especially if the machine has HEPA filter and water filter.
  • Air cleaning machines are another alternative which can deliver the needed quality.
  • The professional cleaning of carpets is maybe one of the best ways to deal with the problem. The green cleaning that these professionals offer combines solutions and steam which can get you rid of the dust in the most environmentally friendly way possible.
  • Clean the sheets and the pillow you are sleeping on. These may cause troubles too.
  • Get rid of most wool blankets and clothes. The wool keeps a lot of dust.
  • Air the rooms. No matter how dirty the air outside is, usually it is cleaner than the one in our homes so allow fresh air to come inside.
Tip: after the cleaning you'll need to be sure that the carpet is dry. In order to learn more about that, see here!

Hopefully with these tips you will know how to prevent asthma for your kids or ease their life if they already have it. 


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