Tuesday, June 28, 2011

General Oriental Carpet Cleaning

Oriental carpets represent the culture of various sections of the world. The rugs require special care to remain in great condition. If you own that kind of carpet you have to take certain precautions to prevent damage from occurring. Oriental carpets are created to be walked on and used and they require more maintenance when stowed away. When you start to clean them, you have to learn some good and efficient cleaning methods. 

General cleaning involves vacuuming and brushing the rug. Be careful, because the vacuum cleaner can harm your oriental carpet. The special rugs are made of natural fibres and if you do not low enough the force on the rug fibres, you will ruin them. 

If your rug is not so big, you can clean it by yourself. But you should use very mild detergent. Try to avoid bleaching agents and other harsh chemicals. Expert cleaners remind us to brush the rug after washing and drying. Also, it is good to consult with professional services when you choose a cleaning detergent. They know, which ones are the safest.   

An oriental carpet should be cleaned when it truly needs it. If you maintain properly your carpet, you will prevent its wearing. Keep items that could damage your carpet  away. If you cannot do it by your own, call professional services. They will maintain it in the best cleaning method,which they know.    


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