Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How to Clean Fireplace Bricks

There is nothing that makes a house more cosy than fireplace in one of the rooms. And that is especially true during the winter months. But during the summer months the fireplace has no purpose at all. Yet, there is one thing that you can do with it, and that is to clean it and prepared it for the next season.

Cleaning the fireplace bricks is one of the hardest thing to do, but you have to do it. The soot and dust on the bricks are the main type of dirt on any fireplace and they have to be dealt with. Dust can be removed relatively easy just vacuum around the mantle, hearth and sides. Balham cleaners claim that if you do this more regularly you will reduce the amount of soot that clings to the walls of the fireplace.

As for the soot, it is not so easily cleaned. You will need special cleaning detergent to get rid of the soot. You can either buy such detergent from the store or create one yourself. The brick cleaning solution requires these ingredients: 50 grams dish washing soap, 50 grams salt, and water. Mix the soap and salt in a bucket, and add just enough amount of water to get thick, creamy paste. End of tenancy cleaning Balham experts recommend using these tools as well: latex gloves, clean cloth, drop cloth and stiff brush.

With the right cleaning detergent the cleaning gets really easy. First place an old cloth in front of your fireplace to protect your floor. Put the gloves on and rub the solution into the brick with the cloth. Leave the solution to set and dry for half an hour. The scrub it off using the brush. The soot should come off with the paste. After you are done your fireplace would be cleaned and ready for the upcoming winter season.


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