Monday, June 27, 2011

How to Clean Ceilings

In most cases, painted ceilings are washable. However, there are some ceilings, such as the acoustic ones, that need special attention. On the other hand, it does not matter what types of ceilings you have, because in both cases it is your responsibility to maintain them clean and spotless.

There are numerous professional London cleaners, offering their clients a bunch of cleaning services, including ceiling cleaning. However, why to give all this money for professional assistance as you can do the job, by yourself ?! So, here are some tips which will help you with the cleaning process of your ceilings.
  1. Well, the first thing which you have to do, to prepare the area, is to cover all the floors and furniture with some old sheets. Then, you have to remove all the spider webs with a vacuum brush. You can also use a long-handle and a rag. To clean acoustic finishes you just have to respray them, after vacuuming.

  2. If you have vinyl-coated ceiling tiles, clean them with an all-purpose cleaning detergent. You can buy such product from every hardware store. If you want to make a change in your home interior, it is not a problem to paint the tiles. You can use a normal paint for the job. 

  3. You cannot use special cleaning solutions, for decorative plaster ceilings, because these types of ceilings are unpainted and have deep texture, which is almost impossible to be cleaned. Therefore, you can just vacuum the ceilings with a brush attachment. However, if there are some stains on the ceiling, which you do not know how to clean, do not take a risk but call your professional cleaners London and explain them the situation.


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