Monday, June 20, 2011

How to Clean the House in Less Than Two Hours

End of tenancy cleaning is the hardest and longest part of moving out process. No one wants to spend days on cleaning the entire house. And also not many of us really enjoy this task. The following information will be very useful for those who wants to clean the house in two hours or less. The key of success is hidden in the fact that you go room by room with each step, rather than trying to do everything in one room, before moving to the next one.

1. First, go through all rooms and collect all things from the floor like trash, clothes, toys, and other that need to be put away. This way you will faster the vacuum cleaning, and also after this step you will notice that your home is becoming cleaner.

2. Instead of cleaning one room at a time, focus on cleaning the entire house in the least amount of time possible. The next step is to dust all surfaces in each room, even the bathroom, with a dust brush. Do not worry if the dust falls on the floor, you will care about that later.

3. Now is time to clean the litter boxes and empty the recycling and trash. Do this now, because if you drop something on the floor you will deal with the mess later.

4. At this point you should vacuum each and every room. This way you will pick up excess dust and dirt that fell off the furniture from the previous steps.

5. Clean and disinfect all the bathrooms, kitchen, and other tiled areas in your home.

6. You should straighten up picture frames, make beds, end tablets and pillows.

Spray air freshener in each room and you all finished with the end of tenancy cleaning.


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