Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kitchen Cleaning with Lemon Juice

Nowadays, green cleaning becomes very fashionable among home owners in whole England and abroad. The “green” movement is everywhere and it is not just a cliché any more, but a philosophy having millions of followers from all over the world. On the other hand, kitchen is the room where you spend many hours a day, preparing meals for your family. Because of this, you have to keep it clean and healthy (as you know: chemicals and food shouldn't mix)!

Today, even professional cleaners London use green cleaning products in their job and this is a great example which shows that this method really works. Therefore, you can try to adopt this convenient cleaning system. However, if you are wondering from where to start, here are few tips how to clean your kitchen with lemon juice. This sounds interesting, right?!
  1. There are germs and bacteria everywhere. Unfortunately, we cannot remove them, but at least can try to reduce them. For instance, if you need a new and effective sink cleaner, make a paste mixing lemon juice and salt. Then apply it to copper, stainless-steel sinks, brass fixtures and sinks and start scrubbing gently. At the end, rinse well with water. You can use this to remove rust stains, too.

  2. We all know the bad odour, coming from the garbage disposal. To avoid situations like this, you have to put a few slices of lemon on the bottom of your garbage disposal. The lemon will absorb the bad smell and it will disappear. 

  3. If you have dried-on food inside your dishwasher, remove it by rubbing with a slice of lemon. Then, wipe the dishwasher with a soft cloth and dry it with a clean one. Many of the London cleaners also recommend to run the machine with the hottest water setting. This way, you will remove all the food particles which may be left in your dishwasher.


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