Thursday, June 16, 2011

Toxic Mold Protection

Toxic mold is extremely dangerous. It is not like the normal mold, it can cause bad diseases such as: asthma, skin allergies, even some cancerous disease and etc. The consequences are so bad, because this kind of mold contains mycotoxins and when they interfere with your DNA, they affect the body, nervous system, immune system, etc. The outside look of the mold is the following one: it is a green -black mold, slimy, it grows on wood, paper, drywall and other items like these ones.

What you suppose to do to protect your family from this natural “disaster”?

1.Bathroom carpet. Try to avoid using carpet in the bathroom.

2.Materials infested by mold. Even do not think to use materials, which were touched by toxic mold.

3.Air conditioner. It is a good idea to use it, because the indoor relative humidity level must be 50%.

4.Fans. Cleaners Melbourne advice is to use exhaust fans in the kitchen. This way will help you to remove the excess heat in the bathroom and kitchen.

5.Sprinkle system. This system will help you to avoid the toxic mold.

6.Bathroom cleaning. Scrub the walls of your bathroom with anti mold cleaning products. This will inhibit the growth of mold in the bathroom. But do not forget, keep the bathroom cleaning products away from your children!

Other option is to call cleaning services Melbourne. They know what to do in situations like this one and they will act very carefully and professional.

Clean the inside and outside part of the house. Keep your home clean and protect your children's health from the toxic mold.   


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