Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Laundry Fabric Symbols

Are you familiar with the symbols on the labels on your clothes? You've probably noticed that all clothes have labels with strange looking symbols on them. These symbols might look strange to you, but they are actually created for your convenience and help you when laundering clothes so that you don't damage and take proper care of them. Still, for a person that is not familiar with them, they might prove difficult to interpret.

This is why Battersea cleaners decided to shed some light on the subject and help you decipher the symbols on the labels. There are six general symbols that are feature on any any garment label. The symbol that looks like a basin filled with water gives information on what settings on your washing machine you can wash clothes. The triangle symbol, is whether or not you can use bleach on the garment. The square symbol with circle inside shows if you can tumble dry the fabrics, while the plain square symbol instructs you how to dry the clothes. The iron symbol is self-explanatory. And the last symbol is the circle symbol showing if you can dry clean a garment or not.

Of course, the symbols have additional features that explain more thoroughly how you should launder the clothes. For example, if there are dots added to the basin symbol this means that there is different temperature setting on which you should launder the garment. But to understand the symbols and their meanings better click on this link, there is no need explaining the meaning of every symbol when you can see it for yourself.

The guide that you are going to find following the link is pretty easy to read and understand, and is almost completely full. Still, Battersea cleaners claim that there are few more additional symbols, but there are not that important.


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