Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Toilet Cleaning Tips

Toilet cleaning...it is not one of your favourite house chores, but you have to learn the main way for toilet cleaning. It is very important to do it, because each member of the house uses the toilet every day. Also, it is good to clean it very often (2-3 times a week).

Before you start cleaning it, you have to flush the whole reserve water. Repeat it few times. Now, you can begin.

For effective cleaning it is good to use some cleaning agents like specialised toilet cleaner, muriatic acid and etc. During the cleaning, scrub, brush and wipe all surfaces in the toilet. Home cleaning Melbourne remember to place a toilet disinfectant in the toilet bowl, because it will help the cleaning process.
If you want to protect your family's health it is good to use green cleaning products. If you have kids I'm certain that you have juice at home. Now you can use it in the toilet cleaning. Add two teaspoons of orange juice in the toilet swish, wait for few minutes and scrub the toilet. After that you can rinse.

To prevent the bad odour, pour one cup of backing soda every week. To remove the stains in the toilet, use citric acid.

Another good cleaning solution is by using plain cola. Pour a bottle in the toilet and after an hour rinse.


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