Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Quick, Smart And Cheap Tips for Floors

This title sounds pretty cool, right?! Well, we all know how annoying home cleaning can be. However, we have no other option but to maintain our properties regularly. This is the only way to provide our belongings a fresh and healthy home environment.

Green cleaning is a natural and cheap way to protect your home from grime, bacteria, germs and other unpleasant elements that can harm your family. On the other hand, professional London cleaners claim that floors are the most attractive part of every home environment, for different kinds of bacteria and germs. Therefore, here are some quick, smart and green cleaning tips that will help you to clean your floors for less time, without spending much money for the job. 

1. Clean ceramic-tile floors only with water. However, you have to vacuum or sweep them first, to remove all the grime and soil. Do not use a sponge mop, because this cleaning tool will pull the grime into the grout tracks. For the job, use a microfibre mop which collects all the grime and soil that a normal sponge mop cannot pick up. For really dirty floors, you better use a brush.

2. Put 2 teabags in 1 litre boiling water. Then, pour the solution in a bucket and use it to clean hardwood floors. The acid in the tea makes hardwood floors to shine. 

3. Many of the cleaners in London make a green cleaning agent of borax and water to wash vinyl floors. So, if you have such surfaces at home, try this natural solution to clean them easily.


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