Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Clean Carpet Means a Healthy Home

Carpets are the biggest dust and dirt accumulators in every house. Every time we walk in our homes with the shoes we bring in grout, which is later pushed into the air we breathe. If you look at a carpet, which you think is clean, under a microscope you will be terrified by what lives among its fibres. So, imagine what lives in a carpet which is dirty.

Professional carpet cleaning London companies recommend you to vacuum your carpet as often as possible and to try to maintain it clean all the time. All these dust mites, germs and bacteria that are stuck into a rug's fibres cause a lot of health issues. They are also the main irritants for allergy, asthma and rhinitis sufferers. If you are an asthmatic and you live in a dusty environment, this may cost you your life.

And what if you have little children, who crawl on the ground all the time? Would you still leave your carpet dirty? Children love to suck their thumbs, so imagine how much dirt will go in their bodies, if they do it after they've been playing on the dirty carpet.

You've probably gotten my point. It is very important to maintain your carpet clean. People think that it is not a big deal if they vacuum once a week, walk around the house with their shoes without even having a doormat to clean them, but it is a big deal. Carpet cleaning is very important. In fact, it is the most important part of the house cleaning process, and if you skip it when you are doing the domestic chores, it's like you haven't done anything.


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