Thursday, August 11, 2011

How to Remove Scratches from Your Washing Machine

Many washing machines have a protective layer. However, different sharp objects easily can get through this layer and leave scratches. This is a common problem among householders, who need to move their washing machines to a new property or somewhere else. To restore the damages, you will need a special touch-up paint, which is available in the hardware shops and in most of the appliance repair stores.

Every home owner has numerous house cleaning assignments, which he or she has to deal with in his/her everyday life. Fortunately, removing scratches from appliances is not a regular cleaning task, but it is a necessary thing to be done, once in a while. Therefore, here are some house cleaning tips, which can you can use for the job. 

1. The materials, needed for the procedure are some paper towels, a non-abrasive spray cleaner and some touch-up paint, suitable for your washing machine.

2. You have to switch off the washing machine, before treating the affected area. Then, clean the entire area around the scratch, using paper towels and the non-abrasive spray cleaner, you've chosen for the procedure. After that, you have to wipe dry. 

3. The next thing to do is to mix the touch-up paint thoroughly, shaking the bottle for a few minutes. Remove the cap to pull out the applicator brush from the underside. 

4. London cleaners advise to apply the paint to the affected area, working in the direction of the scratch, this way, you will be able to achieve optimum results. The last step to take is to leave the paint to dry, before using the washing machine. 


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