Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Carpet or Hard Wood Flooring

A lot of people have dilemmas about the flooring in their homes. They wonder whether to put a carpet or to leave it hard wood. And the main reason for this dilemma is because of the maintenance, they wonder which is easier for maintaining.

Well, the answer of this question is very simple – the hard wood flooring is easier for maintaining, because it does not accumulate so much dirt as the carpet does. Moreover, hard wood floor cleaning requires less efforts than carpet cleaning.

While a rug has to be vacuumed every day, cleaned professionally at least twice a year and always watched not to be stained, the hardwood can only be swept or vacuumed and washed with a damp mop twice a week, and may be polished once a month. Of course, if you like keeping your place flawless, you can clean it more often.

Another advantage of the hard wood flooring is that it does not absorb liquid spills and cannot be stained. If you spill something on it, you only have to wipe it with a cloth and its ready. While a spill on a wool carpet, for example, requires a lot of time, efforts and nerves to be removed.

The hard wood flooring is definitely the better option, if you are looking for cheap maintenance and less cares. You won't have to pay for professional carpet cleaning London services, neither for expensive detergents. The only thing which hard wood flooring doesn't give you and a carpet does is the warmth and style. Carpets are more stylish and keep the place warmer.


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