Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How to Clean Your Motorcycle?

Your motorcycle needs a special maintance when it becomes too dirty. High-pressure car washes are not a good alternative, because they are too powerful for most motorcycle finishes and also can damage the motor. You must give special treatment to the different parts in order to get the entire motorcycle really clean and make it last longer.
Considering how delicate this process might be professional cleaning services London provide the following tips on how to clean your motorcycle:
As a start you have to prepare your cleaning tools. In this case you will need a bucket, water, soap, degreaser, rags, sponge, chamois, wax, chain lube and metal polish.
After having everything stored apply degreaser liberally to the wheels, engine area and the chain. Allow the degreaser soak into the grease in order to make the cleaning easier.
Then wipe the degreaser off with a clean rag. Use the rag to clean the chain drive as well as under the suspension. Apply more degreaser as needed to clean the difficult areas.
Combine the soap and water according to package directions. Use a soap suitable for the finish on your motorcycle.
Take a sponge wet in the soapy water. Start washing the motorcycle from top to bottom with the soapy solution.
Rinse the motorcycle. Sometimes it's easier to pour water onto the motorcycle rather than hose it down to rinse it. Have in mind the fact that sometimes you will have to work with hot water to remove the remains of the grease and the degreaser.
After doing that leave the motorcycle dry for a few minutes, then move it to a dry spot. Dry the entire motorcycle with a clean dry chamois. Start the engine and let it run for a few minutes to help dry the hard to reach spots.
To finish apply any waxes you like to your motorcycle body parts. Buff them off with a soft rag. Apply chain lube to the chain. Put metal polish on the metal parts of the motorcycle.
Cleaning services experts wish you good cleaning results!


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