Friday, September 30, 2011

Clean Your Carpet with Common Household Products

Cleaning you carpet with household products will save you money and keep the environment in your home toxic-free. Instead of buying harsh chemical which in some cases may damage your carpet, you can make your own all-purpose carpet cleaner with items you probably have in your home. Follow the steps below, and get your carpet as clean as new.

  1. Mix 1 gallon of warm water with ¼ cup of mild liquid detergent in a bucket. Stir thoroughly. Make sure that the detergent doesn't contain alkaline or bleach to prevent lightening of your carpet. Use wool-care detergent instead of mild detergent if your carpet is made of wool, as suggested by carpet cleaning Holborn team.
  2. Find out a suitable spot on your carpet that is hidden from view, and test the mixture to ensure that it won't discolour the carpet.
  3. Spray the solution on the stained areas of your carpet by watching not to over wet the carpet. Work on sections (preferably 2 to 3 square feet) to avoid drying of the mixture. You can use a sponge instead of a spray bottle. Dip the sponge into the solution, squeeze out the excess moisture and sponge the problematic area.
  4. Scrub the soapy solution into the carpet using a medium-bristle brush.
  5. Rinse out the solution by blotting with a sponge slightly dampened in plain water.
  6. Repeat the process on all areas of the carpet that need to be cleaned, then blot them dry with a white, clean, dry towel.
  7. When dry, vacuum the carpet to fluff its pile.
Carpet cleaning Holborn advises to brush stains always starting from outer edges of the stain inwards so you not spread the stain on clean areas of the carpet.


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