Monday, September 12, 2011

Cleaning Complaint List

Many of us  consider that when they book a move out cleaning or move in cleaners services  to be professionally conducted by a cleaning company , their property will look brand new in the end. But I have moved properties way too often  to have learned that this very unlikely to happen.  And it is not the cleaners’ fault – it’s ours (the customers that book cleaning services), as we often do not listen to or do not read the terms and conditions at all. It is no longer surprising to me, however , that even the guaranteed cleaning services do not offer to clean certain areas.

So I would just like to outline a few basic areas that most of the cleaning companies will  not cover with their move our cleaning services and also give you a tip on how to deal with those on your own:
·     Venetian blinds – Just wipe them down with a soft  wet piece of cloth (natural fabric preferably) so that the static electricity that attracts all the dust on them won’t bother you anymore. Or simply use the wet  paper towels for wipind down PC monitors and TV screens.
·     Cats and dogs hair all over the place – the easiest way to remove your pet’s fur is to use one of those specially designed gloves that take away all the hair from the furniture and the carpets. If that looks too complicated  for you to do you can just use duck tape, flip i over roll it in circles and just stick it to all of the hairy areas in your apartment.Believe me, it does magic.
·     Window cleaning – most of the companies do just clean them from the inside so if you plan to  book a move out cleaning  my advise is to arrange  a window cleaning company separately so they can really do a good job
·     Floors – Use 1 soup spoon , apple vinegar and 3 litres of warm water to dissolve the vinegar in. This can be considered a pre – treatment because no company will miss mopping or hoovering the floors.This will just prevent them from the dust.
It may sound like a lot of work to do before appointing a cleaning session, but it really does help and it really saves you money when making a booking for a cleaning company.


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