Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fashion Revolution: Create the Best Vintage Skirt

 What is one of the most fashionable things nowadays? Vintage! Vintage clothes are cute and meanwhile elegant. One of the most current items on the market are the vintage skirt. Unfortunately, they are very expensive as well. This is a crucial moment for most of the woman. Don't feel bad. There is no need to spend huge amounts of money to have one these skirts. You can make one by yourself.
Learn how to handle such task from the following cleaning services expert tips on the subject:
The things you will need are jeans, scissors, seam ripper, straight pins, sewing machine and thread. After storing these items you should first cut the legs of the jeans off at the knees, and set the cut-off fabric aside.
Take a steam ripper and start working with it on the seam of the jeans until you devide them in two.
Take off the two jean legs. You need to formed square large enough to cover the V-shaped space in the inseam of the top of the jeans.
Lay one denim square under the seams of the V-shape. Put another one under the top panel, and one under the back panel of the jeans as well. Then put these in place with straight pins.
Make a line along the V-shape of the inseam on the front panel of the jeans and the back panel, ensuring the squares of denim in place so there is no opening between the thigh area of the jeans.
Get rid of any excess from the squares of denim sewn behind each panel of the jeans.
Bend the bottom hem of the skirt in 1 inch. To finish make a line along this hem to secure the fold in place.
Professional cleaning services London wish you good cleaning results!


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