Monday, September 26, 2011

The Things You Always Forget to Clean

Or you don`t want to clean, than use house cleaning Kew. If you avoid cleaning some places at your house, because it`s messy and disgusting, don`t worry, the professionals can always do it for you.

Do you now how much bacteria and germs live in your home? It`s awful but they are billions and you can`t kill them all, no matter how hard you try. The only thing you can do is try to reduce their number. To do this you have to clean each part of your home regularly and very thorough, even the small ones, hidden behind furniture. But nobody is perfect and sometimes we miss a spot here or there.

We usually count on a professional not to miss spots. And they don`t, most of them. The best solution is to use cleaning services. Here is a list of few thing that you probably never thought of cleaning:

1. Your dishwasher. Look carefully at the edges of your dishwasher and you will see mold and mildew. You can see those also at the edges on your refrigerator`s door.

2. Due to the moisture in your bathroom, your shower curtains are becoming a shelter of different types of bacteria, germs and mold. You can save them from the invasion by drying them or wiping them with cloth after you take a bath.

3. The headset of your telephone is more dangerous than you could imagine. There is a uncountable amount of bacteria and viruses on it. You should clean it regularly with anti-bacterial detergent, but wipe them off too.

4. Your garbage can is not protected from the bacteria and the germs. To do so you have to clean it with proper chemicals after each time you empty it. You have to scrub it regularly.

I gave you those tips and advises so that the next time you call house cleaning Hampton, you can ask them to do this dirty thing for you.


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