Monday, October 31, 2011

How to Clean Your Oven

What is one of the worst cleaning nightmares? An overtaxed sink with dirty dishes, sticky and stains or a smelly and dirty toilet? No. That can be a bad cases , but of the worst is to have to take care of a really dirty oven. The usual spots on it are one of the most stubborn and hard to clean up, because the heat from the oven and the burners bake food spills onto its surface. This doesn't mean that you have to freak out when you should clean such mess.
Actually, you can handle that chore very easily, without using any dangerous chemicals to lift up all the dirt on your oven. According to oven cleaning Chiswick personnel all you need is a little bit of baking soda and water. Is this enough? Is it really efficient? Try the following cleaning method and you will solve your oven problems for no time:
Your first step should be to apply the soda on the oven surface. You can either sprinkle a small amount of it directly on the machine surface or pour a it on one spot and then spread it all over the oven.
Immerse a moisten sponge into the baking soda.
Then start to scrub the stained area. Use different parts of the sponge in order not to smear the dirt.
Sprinkle more baking soda if necessary until all of the sticky stains are completely gone.
After that swill your entire oven as well as your sponge and in order to get rid of any baking soda residue on the oven surface.
Oven cleaning Chiswick team wish you great cleaning resulst!


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