Tuesday, November 1, 2011

How to Maintain and Clean an Ink Based Printer

Everybody uses a printer nowadays. The printer is an essential part of your daily work and can be very handy. People use it not everyday but they require one for special cases. People use it to print numerous things on it. Some people print their daily schedule, others their work slides third use it for entertainment. The printer is always used it is never useless.

Laser printers are little expensive so people usually buy ink printers. Ink printers are not the worst quality but require more maintenance than the laser printers. Ink printers require frequent change of the cartridges because they empty quick. You can simply buy a new cartridge or refill the last one with ink. Although replacing the cartridge is an easier way to deal with the problem, refilling the cartridge is way cheaper but more messy and need cleaning W3.

Everyone that owned a ink based printer know that even when you change cartridges you get little bit of ink on you or on the table. Cleaning the printer is very essential in general. In a few steps you can maintain the printer clean so it operates properly, because dust is a big issue for printers and causes it sometimes to malfunction.

Start by cleaning W3 the outer case. The best way to do that is with moist cloth but be very careful not get the inside of the printer wet. When you replace cartridges or in my case when you refill them you have to make sure that no excessive spill of ink is left unclean.
Always put some old paper when you refill the ink and clean any spills on the cartridge. This is what you must do from the outside. You can use the software of the printer to clean the nozzles and to improve the performance of the printing. Simply run a cleaning procedure and the printer will handle it by itself.


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