Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Top 3 Hard to Remove Food Stains

There are several things we really love and we can't quit eating such as chocolate and ketchup. Although they leave awful stains on the carpet and the upholstery we never refuse a bite of something greasy which is capable of ruining our precious sofa. So, instead of chocolate diet, you can start reading this post and you will never see such stains any more.

To remove a chocolate spot is a nightmare for every housewife when the time for upholstery cleaning comes. There is always a little spot that you probably missed during the regular cleaning of the house and now you have permanent stain to deal with. Don't panic and take a small knife to scrape the chocolate if there is any (this refers to fresh spills). The fabrics can be soaked into a washing soda detergent and the upholstery should be washed with stain removal solution.

Another thing we love eating is ketchup or tomato juice as well. Unfortunately, it happens often to spill some of it on the sofa for example. All you have to do is to react fast and to remove the excess ketchup from the fabric. Then make a solution of clean water and baking soda, which works great on such type of stains. Remember not to rub but dab using the detergent, and finally rinse with clean water.

The third hard to remove food stains are those made of grease like butter for instance. The professional upholstery cleaning services would recommend you to cover the stain with salt or talcum powder because it is going to absorb the grease. Then dab using alcohol such as vodka or gin. Rinse and dry to make sure the stain is gone.


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