Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cleaning with Salt

Easy and cheap, salt may be used in the household in more than one way. Here are described many ways to apply salt for cleaning.

Any salt that you may buy in a store will suit the cleaning purpose. You may use this advise to buy the cheapest salt you can find. Keep in mind that is has to be household salt, not the stuff that they use on the roads. Cleaners Victoria share some info. Salt can be combined with other home-found stuff, like vinegar, lemon juice and Borax, for applying in different tasks.

Add some salt instead of washing up liquid, for the dishes. It dissolves in water so no fear here. Make sure you rinse the dishes properly.

Mixed with vinegar, salt becomes a general purpose cleaner. It can't be used on waxed surfaces, linoleum or marble, because the vinegar may be too strong for those surfaces and cause damage. Clean inside the fridge and cupboards with this mix. Use it on the coffee and tea cups. Tiles and glass end up shining after being cleaned with vinegar/salt solution.

You may clean the oven stains with salt as well. Cover the oven with salt ( the stains I mean ). Add water if necessary. Salt absorbs liquids and helps extract them from the surface. This is useful for removing grease and oil spills.

Cleaning pans with salt can be a great treatment for the metal they're made off. Salt helps protect the surface and makes the pan less sticky. Don't use salt on Teflon surfaces as well as non  sticky surfaces because it may damage the finish.

Salt can be used to take care of vine stains. Apply it right after the spill. Cover the stain with salt, then follow up with white vinegar.

Salt and lemon juice can be used to clear rust stains. Salt you can use for whitening the clothes in your laundry. Cleaners Victoria also suggest you use salt for your personal hygiene. You may want to use a better quality salt for it. It can be a body scrub. Mix it with almond oil and gently rub it on the skin for cleansing and toning.


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