Thursday, November 24, 2011

How to Clean Macook Keys

One of the best thing part of the people's present-day standard is that everything has a new, more compact shape. That applies to many types of food, clothing, accessories, but most of all to the technology. Do you remember that the first computer was with the same size as a room? Fortunately, nowadays, the computers are a lot more portable.
Now, people work with laptops which can be brought everywhere. However, that has its disadvantages as well. For example, the keys on your laptop will collect dirt more easily. In case you have a delicate laptop such as Mac Book, you should certainly take care of it regularly, or it will start to show mistakes in very short time. According to cleaners Hither Green the best way to clean such device is with a soft cloth, while avoiding the use of aerosol sprays, solvents and abrasives. If you want to be aware exactly what you should do, read on the following instructions:
As a start to the cleaning process turn off your Mac Book and unplug the power adapter.
Then turn the laptop upside down and push down on the latch along the edge. It will snap upwards to the open position.
Open the little door that covers the battery.
Remove the tab that is attached to the battery and place it aside.
Wet a cloth with a few drops of water, and go over your entire keyboard with it. Carefully scrub around each key to lift up all the dust and buildups.
Allow the keys to naturally air dry. Cleaners Holborn aclear that this usually takes about an hour. After that for at least an hour, then replace the battery and cover.  


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