Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tips on Cleaning Your Garden

Maintaining a garden is a hard process. You have to pay special attention to it, otherwise your plants will die. When taking care of a garden you have to spend a lot of time on it. You have to water it constantly keep the soil in good condition and protect your plants. Keeping the growing process for your plants is relevantly easy.

According to professional gardeners Bloomsbury the harder thing is to keep your garden from little guests will eat or destroy it. No one wants bugs or pests in their gardens. But sometimes it is really hard to keep the garden from unwanted visitors. Usually if you have an infestation you will understand instantly, you will see holes in the leaves or some chunks from the vegetables and fruits missing, or simply change colour.

Preventing the bugs and pests from entering the garden is easier than removing them when they have settled. Most advanced gardeners Bloomsbury usually advice on using very strong chemicals but if you have a green thumb, you know that natural products are healthier.

There are different pests in your garden so there are different solutions to all intruders. Coffee is a good substance that keeps slugs away from the garden. Simply make coffee grounds around the garden. If the coffee grounds fail you can always set mini traps around the garden. Just put a couple of orange-rinds around the garden and in the morning remove those unpleasant visitors. Using products that emit strong smell keep away most of deer and bugs. There are also types of plants that people can plant around the garden. These plants have some sort defence mechanism and usually emit a smell not pleasant for most bugs or animals. These methods can help you keep your garden free of any unwanted garden crashers.


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