Thursday, November 17, 2011

How to Remove Deodorant Marks From Your Little Black Dress

It is not a pleasant view to be on a special dinner party and to see a beautiful woman in a gorgeous , but sweaty dress, is it? Unfortunately, the sweating is a natural process that is just part of the humans body structure. The good new is that nowadays, they are plenty of products that can neutralize the sweating effects-stains and bad odors. Unlikely, the main anti-sweating substance is the talc, which leaves traces if is not absorbed by the human skin. Most of the ladies had passed through the moment when they are about to put on their favorite little black dress and they notice a deodorant stains on it. Removing such marks can really tricky. However, you can deal with that by yourself. If you know how to act you can even do it right on the moment. If not, read on the following tips and you will forget your deodorant problems for no time:

Turn the black dress inside out in a way that the deodorant marks will be on the outside.

Take a clean black sock, and again turn it inside out and start rubbing the stain with the black sock. Work carefully until the deodorant marks are completely removed.

Cleaners Holloway Cleaning Method
Mix 1/2 cup of ammonia with 4 cups of water. Submerge a cloth into the solution, and work on the deodorant stain with it until it fades away.

Moisten the deodorant traces with water. Apply a table salt on the stains and rub it in. after that launder as normal. You have to add a few tsp. of table salt to the wash water as well.

Pour about two to three drops of vodka on the traces and rub. If the deodorant marks don't vanish right away allow the vodka to sit on the area for a few hours.
Then mix baking soda and water until a runny paste forms. Apply the paste directly on the marks and rub in, but extremely carefully. Let the paste to stand on the stain for a few hours and brush off afterwards.

As a final effort mix 1 cup of distilled white vinegar with 4 cups of warm water. Moisten the stain with the solution, and scrub between your knuckles.


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