Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tips on Getting Off Mayonnaise from the Sofa

Imagine the situation you are sitting in front of the TV on your sofa or lying on it. You are relaxing from the busy day with a nice Mayo sandwich and a beer. This is the way I usually get out the stress from the busy working day and simply chill. As you all know eating in a lying position or when you are watching TV can be very difficult when you are lazy and don't want to move that much. Usually some bread crumbs fall on the sofa, some of the mayonnaise falls off the sandwich.

If you are lucky enough most of the fallen food will be in the plate, if you are not lucky you are facing some cleaning afterwards. In the worst case you are facing a serious grease stain left from the mayonnaise on your clothes or on the sofa. If you have it on you clothes there is a big chance it can fall on the sofa as well.

Although mayonnaise is one of the toughest greasy substances to clean, professional cleaners W4 can always lend a hand in cleaning or better yet you can do it yourself. Here are some tips on mayonnaise cleaning that you might find interesting:
1. If there is a lot simply start by scraping all of the excess surface mayonnaise. Careful not to smear the mayonnaise even deeper in the fabric.
2. You can use one of the following green cleaning tools baking soda or natural dish wash. Usually I use baking soda directly on the stain and leave it there for about half an hour. Baking soda acts as a absorbent and usually takes the grease out of the fabric.
3. After that simply scrape off the leftover and wash with some dish wash and lukewarm water.
4. Dry with a paper towel and let the rest dry off itself.

Using natural type of cleaners W4 is advisable in the house. It is the natural way to clean and also saves you some expenses on cleaning detergents.


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