Tuesday, December 20, 2011

How to Clean Feather Pillow

One of the basic thing you need to have a good rest is a comfortable pillow. Without it you will feel uncomfortable and tired in the next day, no matter how long you been in your bed. Usually, people prefer feather pillows as they are really comfortable and soft. They are a little more expensive to buy than regular pillows, but the product worth it. There is just one disadvantage of this type of pillows- they require really careful and specific maintenance.

Being aware of that cleaners Islington provide the following tips on how to clean your feather pillow:
Work with your machine to clean your feather pillows. For that purpose you should place two pillows at a time to keep the load even. Set the machine on cold or warm water program.
Pour a small amount of gentle detergent to wash load.
Set the machine to the gentle wash cycle. According to cleaners Islington it will be better to run the rinse and spin cycles twice. This is to ensure all soap and water have been removed from your feather pillows.
It may look strange, but the next thing you need to do is to take a pair of clean sneakers and put them into the dryer when placing your pillows in to dry. That will minimize the lumps and maximize the fluff of pillows as the sneakers gently beat the pillows as they tumble. Work on the lowest setting of your machine.
If you are too insecure about the pillow treatment, better take them to a professional cleaners. Such services are not expensive at all, but before that will save you a lot of valuable nerves.


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